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As one of the oldest and most reliable Glass to Metal Seal Manufactures, Legacy Technologies Inc. has the unique experience coupled with our brand new state of the art facility located in Mission Kansas USA to provide the highest reliable hermetic seals in the industry.
Although primarily known as the world's leading manufacturer of high reliability precision quartz crystal holders, LTI's wide range of Glass to Metal Seal capabilities have been used to design, develop, and manufacture products for many industries including aerospace, telecommunications, medical, automotive and sensor applications.
Our expertise in glass-to-metal sealing extends to both matched and compression type seals. Our experience and in-house capabilities for plating, manufacturing precision metal stampings, forming and welding fine metallic ribbon, and other secondary operations have answered the needs of a large variety of customers outside the frequency control industry. For either highly specialized products, or the more mundane, we welcome your inquiries and look forward to helping you find solutions.



Many of you are familiar with and/or are using our current line of feedthroughs.   We received numerous comments about the need for additional product offering in our feed-through line.   




LTI is pleased to announce we have improved our in house vertical integration capabilities and now offer a much wider range of feed-thru product mix.





























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