Plating is an important capability that distinguishes LTI from many of its competitors is an in-house plating shop. LTI is equipped to plate electrolytic gold, electrolytic and electroless nickel, and tin-lead. State of the art x-ray fluorescence equipment with statistical analysis capabilities is utilized to guarantee consistent plating thickness and quality. LTI plating follows all policies and procedures meeting ISO compliant standards.

Plating Finishes
     - Sulfament
     - RoHS Electroless
     - Hi-Phos Electroless
     - Woods

     - Hard
     - Soft
     - Electroless
     - Electrolytic

Boron (Electroless)
60/40 Tin Lead (Matte and Bright)
Pure Tin
Hot Tin Dipped

Barrel and Rack plating
State of the art XRF measurement equipment
Solderability, Thermal Cycling and Adhesion Testing

Quick turnaround time

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