LTI manufactures perhaps the largest variety of headers, terminals, and squibs for the frequency control, aerospace and defense, sensor, laser, and photonics industries. Hermetic packages, create an ultra-tight seal, making the package impervious to entry from environmental conditions. Hermetic connectors, terminals, and squibs allow current to be conducted to highly sensitive electronics in extreme conditions. The hermeticity sustains the life of vital electronic components. See and learn more below.

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Frequency Control Bases ___________Cold  or Resistance Weld


Dual In-Line Packages (DIP) .498

Larger DIPs


Glass to Metal Seals are lower cost than ceramic to metal seals. GTM seals hold high structural integrity in the roughest of atmospheric conditions (including space). Glass-to-metal provides protection from moisture, gas, liquid, pressure, vacuum, temperature, and corrosion resistance.

In addition, LTI produces RF microwave connectors for 10 GBIT applications and other specialty hermetic products for the telecommunications, appliance and military/aerospace markets. Please contact us for product specifications.

Hybrid Packages Single or Multiple Pin Terminals (insulated and ground)

Hermetic Feed Throughs

Hermetic feedthroughs are relatively low cost due to industry standard designs. Hermetic feedthroughs can be brazed, directly  glassed, or soldered into place in a number of relative applications. Hermetic seals have a mechanical strength: Up to 20,000 PSI with proper design and processing.

Energetic Devices

LTI has now moved into the energetic device market. We were approached out of a need from several customers for a more reliable, high quality, and competitive supplier for glass-to-metal feedthrough energetic devices. We now work with many of the largest names in the business. Let us know how we can help you!

Solder Seal Applications

 This is one of our "Legacy" electronic header type products that we have a long history in. Let us know how we can help you or if you have any questions.

Sidewalls/Power Packages
LTI has expanded its product offering in glass and ceramic TO-250 series power packages to meet all commercial and military / hi-rel customer requirements. Power Transistor Hybrid Packages, including TO-254, TO-257, TO-258 and TO-259 are available with Cu, CuW and Glidcop heat sink base materials. Custom packages are also available for a wide range of military, avionics, aerospace and automotive applications.


Single Lead

Multi Lead

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